How we do it: Drop-videos

Check out the video about making drop videos!

In short, drop-videos are taken while on a boat and lowering a video camera under the surface, close to the bottom. We take 60 seconds long videos and analyze the videos later at the office. From the videos we can analyze the bottom quality and species seen on the video.

A person standing in a boat is holding a camera by a rope, ready to lower it into the water.
Lowering video camera from the boat. Photo by Essi Keskinen, Metsähallitus.

When taking drop-videos, it is very important to hold the camera steady. If there are waves, the camera needs to be moved with the movement of the waves, so that we get good video quality, and it doesn’t look like the camera is on a roller coaster.

A person sitting in a boat with a laptop on her lap, covered by a plastic box.
Our “office” is sometimes very small. Photo by Ville Savilampi, Metsähallitus.

Written by Suvi Saarnio


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