Field stories: Oh, Monday…

It was just one of those days. Those days when you can just say, “Oh, Monday”.

I informed our Metsähallitus marine team that our life vests have arrived to one store in Oulu and I will pick them up early on Monday morning and then we will make the last safety checkup on our boat Inca, and start the actual field work! Well, it didn’t go exactly like that.

I went to the store early in the morning and I asked about the package. The salesperson said that there is no package for me. I was shocked and asked again and she checked all the packages and said there is nothing for me. I called the delivery company and they said that they have delivered the package to the store already last Saturday. The salesperson said that it is not there, so I gave her my number and went back to the office to do the safety checkup on Inca.

When we were finished with Inca I got a call that the package was, after all, in the store. I went to get them, and I was so angry for the salesperson for wasting our time, but at the same time so happy, because now we were able to start the field work at the sea. When I went back to the office we carried the equipment to our car and started driving, but then we noticed that we didn’t have all the maps with us. Then we realized we also missed the field forms. The computers. The sampling bags. Oh my, it was definitely the first field day of the season!!

Finally we had all the necessary equipment with us and we drove to the harbor and put the boat down and loaded everything to the boat. When we got to the sea, the weather was worse than expected. Our boat is quite small, and doesn’t take the waves that well, so we had an hour of what can be really called “a bumpy ride”. We had a couple of video points that were kind of sheltered, so we were able to take videos from them.

Two persons watching a laptop covered with a plastic box. One is taking notes to a field form.
Learning how to take drop-videos. Photo by Ashley Gipson, Metsähallitus.
Suvi Saarnio driving a boat and looking at a GPS device.
Navigating to the video point. Photo by Noora Kantola, Metsähallitus.

And we are so happy that we went out to the sea, because we got the first plant samples of the year! Three different water mosses, of which one is regionally endangered, so good job team! We also trained our new employees Ashley and Noora on how to do the biological inventories with a drop-video.

A person standing in a boat with a rake raised from the sea.
Taking samples from the videos point with a rake. Photo by Ashley Gipson, Metsähallitus.
A person smiling and sitting on the boat, holding a plastic bag with a plant and water inside.
Yeah!! Plant samples! Photo by Noora Kantola, Metsähallitus.

Thursday was the complete opposite of Monday! We had perfect weather, hardly any wind and sun was shining and it was so warm. Hope it continues like this!

Written by Suvi Saarnio.

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