People behind the scenes: Jaakko Haapamäki

When working in the field of marine conservation, at some point someone usually ask you is if you are a biologist or a geographer. I’m neither as I am an environmental planner, which means that I know a bit about both fields.

I first started by doing marine field work for Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland in 2013 in the VELMU -project and then have gradually been doing more and more office work mostly involving progressively expanding excel sheets and maps.

In SEAmBoth I mainly do data management, meaning that I mostly try to combine the compatible excel data sheets and map layers I get my hands on and then try put them somewhere where people can find them. Sometimes I even remember to tell the afore mentioned peopIe the files exist. Every now and then I do the odd model or plot field plans on maps and generally just help a bit here and there. Luckily, I’ve still been able to do a little field work in my other project Kvarken Flada, so I’m not completely locked indoors yet. In the field I get to paddle around on a SUP -board and fly a quadcopter. Not too bad!

Jaakko laying on a SUP-board, one leg up. Very elegant. Other person is sitting at the bow of the board.
Photo by Roosa Mikkola, Metsähallitus.
Un-amused Jaakko holding a drone controller.
Photo by Jaakko Haapamäki, Metsähallitus.

In other sea – related activities, I’m also a semi-active captain for a sea scout training vessel S/y Henrika, situated in my hometown of Turku. You can usually see the vessel during weekends in the archipelago of Turku, but next summer my troop is planning to sail up north, so you might be able to spot her in the bay of Bothnia -area.

A sail boat.
Photo from

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