People behind the scenes: marine geologist Peter Slagbrand

I’m a marine geologist with the Geological Survey of Sweden in Gothenburg.

Peter Slagbrand.

At the moment I go through the data we collected last year to see what remains to be done this field season. We plan to spend four weeks in the Swedish pilot areas surveying with multibeam and sub-bottom profiler and sampling the seabed. The data will be interpreted and classified into various substrate types and used for habitat modelling.

Beautiful red sandstone cliffs on Helgoland, North Sea

Before joining the Geological Survey I worked for an offshore consultant firm in different parts of the world, from the Black sea to the Caribbean. It was edifying to work in so many different geological environments and working with people from all over the world. The scope of work could be anything from route surveys for pipelines or cables to geological mapping of the seabed.

A big structure on the sea. Wind mils behind it.
Power station for a wind farm in the North Sea

Written by Peter Slagbrand, SGU

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