Field stories: heat wave

After the windy June, we had really been waiting for sunny days with no wind. But never would I ever had imagine that I would shout out of joy on last Tuesday morning when the wind was 6 m/s!

Rocky shore of Iso-Huituri and calm sea (Photo by Teemu Uutela, Metsähallitus).

We have been experiencing a heat wave in the Bothnian Bay this week. On Monday we moved to the Bothnian Bay National Park and it was 27 degrees Celsius at the sea! We were so happy about the warmth, the sun and the calm sea. But we were not as happy when we had to put on the survival suit, or the dry suit for diving. Or when we had to go to sleep in the cabin with has extremely hot after the hot day. So on Tuesday morning when the wind was a bit stronger for a couple of hours in the morning, we all enjoyed the boat ride to the mapping points in the tiny islands of the National Park.

A person dressed up in a survival suit, hence covered from head to toe.
No matter how warm it is, we need to cover ourselves from the sun and the water (Photo by Sjef Heijnen, Metsähallitus).

The days have been quite rough with the heat wave and the not being able to sleep in the hot cabin. But because the sea has been so calm, we have already almost finished all the work that I had planned for us for the next two weeks! So next week we can do some extra mapping and focus on getting the data to Excels 🙂

Two persons sitting on their SUP-boards which are attached to the boat.
With this weather is good to avoid exercising too much, so we towed the SUPs from one island to another, and took videos with MAIA-boat while the girls were doing wading points with SUPs (Photo by Teemu Uutela, Metsähallitus).

Hopefully the sunny days continue, but our team would not mind if the temperatures would drop under 25 degrees.. 😉

The Eurasian ruffe (Gymnocephalus cernua) in the spotlight at a depth of 10 meters (Photo by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus).
Tracks on the bottom of the sea, crossing each other.
Saduria entomon cross-road on a soft bottom, there must be a lot of traffic! Photo by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus.
A diver writing notes under water.
Our trainee Eveliina doing her first transect as the analyzer. This was her tenth dive ever as she just finished OWD-course in June. Well done! Photo by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus.
Diver with sample tubes under water.
DIver taking a sample of water moss (Photo by Eveliina Lampinen, Metsähallitus).

Ps. On today’s morning dive it was 20 degrees Celsius on a depth of 4 meters, it really is Summer now!

Written by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus.

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