Field stories: the end is near

The past few weeks the Metsähallitus SEAmBOTH-team has been experiencing all kinds of things for the last time. Some of our team members have already finished working and this week was the last field work week for Eveliina, Teemu and me. On Wednesday I did my last wading point and on Thursday I did my last dive. And I just realized that they were both the last field data that I collected for SEAmBOTH, because this is our last field Summer.

Suvi walking on high waves in survival suit.
We had quite high winds this Summer and had to struggle with waves (Photo by Petra Saari, Metsähallitus).
Petra in water with water binoculars, dressed in survival suit.
One of the “lasts”, Petra doing her last wading point (Photo by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus).

The end of Summer is always full of “lasts”. Last drive with Maia-boat, last meal on the field, last drop-video point taken, last time carrying the dive tanks.. It always feels like the end comes too soon, because the end of the field work means the end of Summer.

A diver under water taking notes.
Second to last dive with 100 % sand for 200 meters (Photo by Essi Keskinen, Metsähallitus).

When the winds get high and the sun starts to set early, it is good to continue working in the office. After August our team will concentrate on putting all the data into Excels, so that our GIS-planners can start making maps and other end products in October. We might still do one field day in September, if the weather allows us to do some wading in one interesting bay north of Oulu. But it might be so that we have just finished collecting the data for SEAmBOTH-project. And I think we did quite well, because for the first time we broke the amount of 1000 wading points collected in one Summer!

Tired diver at the end of a boat, fins on deck otherwise in water.
Last dive done! Photo by Teemu Uutela, Metsähallitus.
5 people on top of a beacon. Picture taken by a drone.
Metsähallitus SEAmBOTH-team in Ulkokrunni, Ii (Photo by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus).

This Autumn and Winter we are doing very interesting work with writing the end report for our project, and I am looking forward to that 🙂

Written by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus


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