Final seminar – done!

People in auditorium.
SEAmBOTH final seminar attracted about 70 people at Oulu University and about 20 people following the presentations online. Photo Essi Keskinen, Metsähallitus.

The SEAmBOTH final seminar was held at the University of Oulu yesterday, February 20th 2020. Almost 70 people from both Finland and Sweden attended us on the spot, and we had a two dozen online participants from as far away as Holland.

The presentations varied from the project results to human pressures in the Baltic Sea to the history of marine research in the northern Bothnian Bay to future climate change scenarios of the Baltic Sea to new funding opportunities with the Interreg Nord to the end user comments about using our data.

The presentations were recorded and will appear at the final seminar webpage when they are ready to be viewed, as well as the presentations that we have the permission to save to the webpage.

We will start to release our great results gradually on a new “Results” page at the SEAmBOTH website when we have recovered from the organization of the final seminar. All publications that were released yesterday at the final seminar (the blog pdf, the species identification pdfs and the video) will be found eventually from the “Results” page.

Just stay tuned, watch the webpage, see the video again and watch out for the “Results” blogs which will be appearing in the near future!

Essi Keskinen

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