Unique habitats: Artificial Reefs

An artificial reef by definition is a man-made underwater structure usually built for a purpose of promoting marine life. It is widely accepted in the scientific community that artificial reefs are very beneficial. They can increase local populations such as algal growth, coral reefs and fish. They also can prevent coastal erosion and force waves … Continue reading Unique habitats: Artificial Reefs

Working close to human pressures

This Summer the Metsähallitus marine team was working quite close to different kinds of human pressures. We worked most of the time close to the mainland, so we saw a lot more human activities then we normally do, from farther out at sea. In the earlier blogs there has been information about estimating human pressures … Continue reading Working close to human pressures

Estimating human pressures at the Bothnian Bay

The marine environment of the Baltic Sea is fragile and vulnerable due to its unique location and structure. 85 million people live on its catchment area and 15 million of them live within 10 km from the shoreline. Therefore this has an effect on the marine environment both below and above the sea surface. Even … Continue reading Estimating human pressures at the Bothnian Bay