The peculiar moss ball

An algae, a pet, a home decoration, a companion in the fish tank - the moss ball (Aegagropila linnaei) may be described in many different ways. And it can be found right here in the northern Bothnian Bay. Moss ball (Aegagropila linnaei) (Photo by Linnea Bergdahl, County Administrative Board of Norrbotten) This peculiar looking algae … Continue reading The peculiar moss ball

The Baltic water-plantain, Alisma wahlenbergii

It may be the most iconic plant species for the northern Bothnian Bay, but only few people have ever seen it. The Baltic water-plantain only exists in areas within the Baltic sea, it is listed as vulnerable (VU) on the international IUCN red list of threatened species and is listed as a priority species on … Continue reading The Baltic water-plantain, Alisma wahlenbergii

Fourleaf mare’s tail (Hippuris tetraphylla)

Fourleaf mare’s tail is an interesting plant species. Although it’s distribution is circumpolar (around the world), at the same time it’s very spotty. You can find it here and there in small populations but for one reason or another, it’s missing from the areas between the populations. It prefers brackish water and very shallow depth … Continue reading Fourleaf mare’s tail (Hippuris tetraphylla)