The Times They Are A Changin’ – and the landscape too

"The Times They Are A Changin’ ", wrote Bob Dylan a song once, a long time ago. But it is very true still today, when the current coronavirus situation is changing the world and our societal behaviour. Also, the environment is changing, partly due to our own activities, partly by natural forces. SEAmBOTH project started … Continue reading The Times They Are A Changin’ – and the landscape too

Two people doing field inventory in shallow sea

Marine vegetation inventories

To make maps of the marine environment, the plants, and connected nature values, one of the basic pieces of information you need is marine biological data.  Not only can this data be used for making models and maps, it also tells us a lot about the underwater landscape and provides knowledge about the existence of … Continue reading Marine vegetation inventories

Earth Observation for monitoring our aquatic environment

The SEAmBOTH project is coming to an end, and it is time to look back and see what we have accomplished in the field of Earth Observation (EO).  In a previous blog, the basics of aquatic Earth Observation were already explained. Here, we can concentrate on what were our main results and take-home messages. EO … Continue reading Earth Observation for monitoring our aquatic environment

Nature values

SEAmBOTH project is nearing its end, and with it comes also final results. One of the main tasks of SEAmBOTH has been the identification of most valuable areas. In order to protect nature, we first need to know where valuable features are. The analysis flow how nature values can be defined, can look something like … Continue reading Nature values