Liminganlahti Bay wetland area

Liminka Bay, or Liminganlahti in Finnish, is one of the most important bird wetland areas in Europe. That’s why it has also been designated as a RAMSAR site. RAMSAR sites, which can be found all around the world, are designated wetland and water areas, which are especially important to birds, but also to other biodiversity … Continue reading Liminganlahti Bay wetland area


Flads of Salmisudden

In our last week's blog you could read about flads; how they are formed, why they are so valuable and a bit about the challenges that concern conserving these important habitats. Now we want to introduce you to a specific flad that we have discovered in our underwater nature inventories and discuss its future. Although … Continue reading Flads of Salmisudden

Special places: Simo, Finland

Alisma plantago-aquatica, photo by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus marine team has just found a hidden underwater gem: Simo, Finland. We have been roaming the river estuary and the islands near the shore, the inland lagoons and the island flads, for two weeks now, and been astonished. Regardless of the method - scuba diving, wading, SUP-boarding, drone, … Continue reading Special places: Simo, Finland

National Parks of the Bothnian Bay

Want to discover the beautiful northern Bothnian Bay this summer? Take a trip and visit the two national parks in the area – Haparanda Skärgård National Park and the Bothnian Bay National Park (Perämeren kansallispuisto). They have been awarded the status of national parks because they represent some of the finest nature areas within the … Continue reading National Parks of the Bothnian Bay