Making new friends

We’ve been making some new friends during our recent snorkel inventories. Sometimes they have even been giving us a manicure. Curiously they checked whether we were edible, nibbling on our skin.

The fish are mainly juveniles of different species. A common one is for example roach (Rutilus rutilus).

A school of small juvenile roach.
Photo by Kajsa Johansson, County Administrative Board of Norrbotten.

Our inventories are focused on macrophytes, i.e. underwater plants, and not fish. It’s hard to ignore the fish though when they come so close up!

The perches (Perca fluviatilis) were quite unafraid and often came very close, seemingly interested in what we were doing. Some of them were more friendly whereas some were more reserved – just like our human friends. The pike (Esox lucius) however tended to keep a safe distance. Nevertheless with an eye constantly watching over us…

A pike in some distance.
Photo by Petra Pohjola, County Administrative Board of Norrbotten.

Written by Linnea Bergdahl, County Administrative Board of Norrbotten.


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